5 Big Lines of Thinking at Pure Hazelwood

Becoming the best company for customers, employees, investors, business partners and for the communities in which we live and work.


At Pure Hazelwood, we work to offer innovative products and services of superior quality. Our mission is to improve the daily lives of our customers and to provide them with quality, safety and efficiency for their wellness. We go the extra mile to exceed the expectations of our customers and to establish long-term business relationships. We provide a high performance, rewarding and encouraging work environment where people want to develop, and we also display ethical and socially responsible behaviors.


Our values embody our desired attitudes and how we interact with our clients and colleagues. These values are the foundation of our identity.



Hazel Wood Branches




People are the heart of the company.


Between employees, managers, suppliers, internal and external customers / Solidarity


At Pure Hazelwood, we put people first through a sensible and valued approach of employee management as well a through unwavering respect for our customers and for the community. Our listening skills and openness to others are real levers for development and innovation in the company.Respect for people and sharing are the basis for our relationships. Our success is based on mutual respect both within and outside the company. Although our company promotes a culture of individual excellence, it also recognizes the importance and value of teamwork to achieve objectives.



Honesty & Integrity


Integrity guides our choices and actions.


Loyalty / Transparency / Sense of belonging


At Pure Hazelwood, honesty and integrity are the fundamental values that must dictate our professional and personal lives. Our employees are people we can rely on and whose choice of values are reliable and stable. Integrity also means a person's ability to respect commitments and principles, regardless of opposite influences. These values guide both our professional and commercial practices. By encouraging these values, we commit to the respect of our customers, partners and employees, to honesty, to transparency and to fairness towards them and towards society.





Our confidence is a credit to the quality of our products.


Quality / Rigour / Requirements / Diligence / Performance


Quality is deeply rooted in our activities, our practices and our methods. Pure Hazelwood is a company commited to the design and manufacturing of products based on innovation and performance. Pure Hazelwood continually optimizes the quality and safety of its products through its research and development department. Technical excellence is also a founding principle that we apply to all levels of our company. Striving for the satisfaction of our customers, for the valorization of our trades and for the development of our collaborators, a constant quest for quality is also the keeper of our independance.The best way to judge the strength of our principles and of our values is through our own willingness to use the products we sell and to become their ambassadors; without any reservations.





The strength of commitment.


Generosity / Gift of Self / Dynamism / Initiative / Involvement


At Pure Hazelwood, passion is a fundamental value. Without passion, nothing great can be achieved! It is above all the ability to constantly push the boundaries and to question the status quo. Passion provides the will to create innovative solutions and to summon up the enthusiasm to achieve them together. It fosters a creative approach to discovering solutions that are appropriate and consistent with the strategy, character, values and capabilities of our company.





Innovation to improve the well-being and health of people and to support our growth and profitability.


Thirst of knowledge / Curiosity / Creativity / Excellence


Innovation is born from the union of passion, the daring to take action, curiosity and the thirst for fundamental knowledge. It is an expression of fusion of talents and skills. it is the bright reflection of the collaborative qualities of the company, its ability to communicate and its willingness to constantly update their knowledge and skills. Our success depends on a thorough understanding; to uphold what we state, we make every effort and go one step further in our quest for knowledge. At Pure Hazelwood, innovation creates a ground-breaking dynamic, ranging from product design to high quality customer service, through constant product improvement and cost optimization. Innovation is the key to sustainable growth for Pure Hazelwood.